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Best Gym Bags for Men You Can Buy Right Now

These are the best gym bags for men that will make working out a much easier experience.

Getting into a routine of going to the gym is one of the hardest parts of living a healthy lifestyle. That's why taking every chance you can get to make this easier is something you should work towards. Do you own a gym bag? Or are you in the market for a new one? We have come up with a list of the best gym bags for men that will take your gym routine to the next level. 

If you already have a designated place for all of your gym necessities, you will be more likely to just grab it and be on your way. As the hardest part of working out is convincing yourself to get up and go, let's make that step easier. 

Squad III Duffel Bag by Adidas

adidas Squad III Duffel Bag - Women - Macy's
Shop for Women online at Macys.com.

To begin this list of the best gym bags for men, Adidas is a trustworthy brand for all things athletic. With ample space, options for easy storage, and tons of pockets, this bag is a staple product for your gym-going. 

With comfortable handles, polyester material, and interior and exterior pockets, this bag is perfect for any gym rat. Plus, it has a pop of blue on the inside of the gray and black exterior. 

UA Adaptable Duffel by Under Armour

Another trustworthy brand in the sporting world, Under Armour, has one of the best gym bags for men. With an adjustable shoulder strap, a top handle, large front pocket, and zippered main compartment, this bag is sturdy and easy to transport. 

Made of 100 percent nylon, 22 inches in width and 10 inches in height, you can fit all of your workout accessories in one convenient space. 

Base Camp Duffel by The North Face

If you're looking for a pop of color, this North Face duffel bag has got you covered. Never confuse your bag with another, as this bag comes in multiple colors—our favorite being red. With four straps, internal mesh pockets, a large main compartment, locking zippers, and an ID pocket, this bag is super versatile. 

It allows for easy storage with a compartment for each of your belongings. With a depth of 13 inches and a height of 18, you can store clothes, shoes, and a water bottle inside. 

Novel by Herschel Supply Co.

As a very classy take on one of the best gym bags for men, this bag has a simple yet classic appearance with tons of storage. As one of the best brands for gym bags, Herschel Supply Co. has created the perfect duffel bag. 

With a shoe compartment on the side of the bar and a spacious main compartment to hold any of your fitness products, you can't go wrong with an option like this. Created with a 100 percent polyester shell and a 100 percent nylon lining, the material is easy to clean and supportive. 

Duffel Pack 2 Backpack/Duffel Bag by AER

Definitely a more unique design for a gym bag, the Aer Duffel Pack is extremely versatile. The bag's features include a two-way zipper, exterior pockets with zippers, interior zipped wall pockets, and adjustable straps, chest belt, and top handle. 

Made of both nylon and polyester, the materials of this bag are perfect for holding every personal item you need. Plus, the quality and size are perfect without being bulky. It's a must have gym bag. 

Duffle Bag by BuyAgain

As one of the most inexpensive options for the best gym bags for men, this Buggle Bag by BuyAgain is extremely affordable. Plus, it has ample space, tough material, and lots of storage. What it's most praised for are its exterior waterbottle holders, perfect for a long workout session. 

Plus, it could even be used while traveling or a day trip because of its compact size. And, it comes in either black, royal blue, red, orange, gray, or navy. 

Legacy Gear Bag by Carhartt

Big enough to hold gym equipment and a change of clothes, this Legacy Gear Bag by Carhartt is the perfect way to store all of your items for a quick trip to the gym. 

With sturdy handles which are placed on both the top and side of the bag, there is also an adjustable shoulder strap option. Plus, each compartment is sealed with YKK zippers, which are waterproof. 

Conductor Duffle Bag by Flowfold

Durable, long-lasting, and water resistant, this Conductor Duffle Bag by Flowfold is one of the best gym bags for men for many reasons. Only one pound in weight, this bag gives you the support of only the basic necessities of a gym bag without all the extra zippers and bulk. 

As a carry-on size, it is lightweight and made for easy traveling. Plus, the main compartment is 22 inches in length and 12 in height, perfect for the typical gym-goer. 

UA Favorite Duffel 2.0 by Under Armour

Another great option from Under Armour, this is the second edition to the previously talked about UA Favorite Duffel. With a fun pop of color and a unique design, this bag is super spacious and comfortable. 

With internal pockets made specifically for a smartphone and a large main compartment, what else could you need? The adjustable crossbody strap is comfortable and easy to throw over your shoulder. Plus, the material is soft and easy to clean. 

Gym/Work Bag by DSPTCH

Last, but not least, on this list of the best gym bags for men is the DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag. This can be used as a bag for many occasions: travel, gym, work, or casual wear. The large main compartment can fit a large laptop and tons of other belongings. 

Plus, the side pocket is great for a pair of shoes. With connecting strap handles, you can wear this across your body for hands-free use, or simply carry it by the top handle. Both moisture-resistant and ventilated, you won't want to bring any other bag with you during a workout. 

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Best Gym Bags for Men You Can Buy Right Now
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