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Beginning Life End

The Stages

Scream, it’s your first breath. 

Rolling over to sitting up, then crawling to walking and before you know it, you're running. 

Long blissful days turn into school hours of fun, your  recess  turns to study halls of focused studies and the fun school hours are now stressful choices for your future. 

The bike your dad said he wouldn’t let go of has now turned into a car and your free time is a job. Sweet 16 quickly turned to happy 18th and now the water you bathe in, and lights you see in and the roof over your head are bills. Life is hard but some things haven’t changed. 

The warm grass at the park is still warm, the breeze on a summer's day still feels good and the music that filled your mind with joy is still there. 

Over the hill, a meaning you never bothered to learn till now. Certain things hurt, as the years pass your kids grow old and you even older, loved ones start to pass. You still have your job, but retirement is only a few years away. Life seems like a endless cycle of your last 50 years. 

Retirement, your excited for your free time, to feel the warm grass more, to breath in the cool summer breeze, to enjoy your favorite music with your family, life seems better than the last 65 years. 

It’s time to slow down, your knees hurt & the warm summer breeze has turned into a oxygen tank, the warm grass is a sight through a window, on a electric chair & your favorite music isn't as clear to the ear as it once was. 

You open your eyes, you see your family gathered, smiles and memories all around the room, floating on tears. You hear the slight melody of your favorite music, somehow you can smell the summer breeze, your mind starts to drift back into moments of time as your  pulse  starts to slow. 

Smile, it’s your last breath.