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Becoming Vegan

The Struggle

So I have made the decision to become a vegan... 

Now I know people will judge me, and you know what? Who cares?! It’s not about what others think, it’s about what I think and what I want to do with my life. 

Since the new year (yes, the barely-a-month-into-this-new-year new year) I have been so incredibly sick. I caught this weird cold/flu that just won’t go away! I started getting better and then I was sick...again...and again...it happened a few times. So I finally, after I realized how sick I really was, made an appointment to see my doctor. 

Getting to my appointment, I dreaded it. What was she going to say I have? Is she going to just send me home and say I’ll be fine in a few days? Who knew?! After talking to my doctor for a while, we talked about everything; how I was feeling, fevers, head pain, sore throat, etc., and then, the dreaded weight talk...of course I knew it was coming. 

So talking to my doctor and ONCE AGAIN telling her how it’s hard for me to work out and eat right because, well, I’m never really hungry and I have AVASCULAR NECROSIS in my hips! So it’s hard for me to move, bend, stretch, and, uh fxcking walk! As if she didn’t already know this. So I kept my irritation hidden and talked it out with her again.

She then proceeded to tell me about these programs my hospital offered, but the ONLY one I was interested in costs thousands of dollars for ONE YEAR! And that’s only about THREE (yes, three) months of actual food/meal replacements you get...that’s a shit ton of money for only a few months of food..

Needless to say, I did not do, and will not be doing that program. Then my doctor told me, “Why don’t you try a plant based diet?” 

I stopped, looked at her, and went, “Uhh isn’t that just being a vegan?” 

She said “...Yeah, pretty much.” 

Uhh not pretty much...it is! 

I’m not opposed to the idea, since I’ve wanted to become one years ago, but because of my health history I wasn’t “allowed” to become a vegan. So my doctor continued telling me things like, “You lose a lot of weight, and quickly, when you become a vegan.” 

Sitting there in the room on those beds, we talked for a while about it, and I really have nothing left to lose except weight. 

So I’m making the switch for health reasons and I’m hoping it helps my other issues like IBS and GERD and everything else. Plus, meat and I don’t get along and dairy (well, milk) doesn’t like me much, either. So making the switch to not only improve my health, but to save animals from torture and living miserable lives, is the reason I’m making the switch. 

Once I start the transformation, I’m going to post about and my journey on Instagram. If you’re curious to see and watch my journey/struggle...( yes, I say struggle because I know it WILL NOT be an easy thing to do), you can follow me on Instagram. ♥️

I’d love to talk to others that have made the switch to become vegan and maybe make some videos or posts with them. I’d love some pointers/advice. Maybe it’ll help make my transition easier. 

Maybe some of you have recipes you’d like to share or would just like someone else to talk to and help. Either way, I’m completely open to hearing from you. In fact, it would be awesome to hear from someone and hear about their journey into veganism. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly making a new friend in this new exciting experience. 

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Becoming Vegan
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