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You are the author of your life story and the universe is the publisher. 

One day, I woke up. It was in the complete darkness that I found light. I spent so much energy enclosed in shadows. It took giving up what I held valuable to realize I was the destructive force in my own life. Accepting that no item or being in this world belongs to me, or anyone for that matter, brought about this realization. Just because something is in our physical world does not make it ours.; we buy things to have them in our presence, but they can never be apart of who we are. We put value in our surroundings, rather than our own energy. It is that energy that pinpoints the placement of the stepping stones on our walk through life.

Take the time to shift your perspective, it is not a switch, it cannot happen in the blink of an eye. The mind is a computer, full of complex unique coding, which creates the essence of your being. Everything in your life is a result of the energy you put forth, nothing and no one is to blame other than yourself. Our life is a trial and the verdict is depicted by our reactions to the tribulations we encounter on our journey. You cannot expect a positive outcome to materialize from a negative setting. 

There is no timeframe for finding yourself. I believe time, to be a classification of an unknown factor of life; If we did not show physical age, would we consider a minute, a minute or a year, a year? There is no judgement of time that can be set and felt alike for every person. Scientifically, yes, 60 seconds is a minute and 60 minutes an hour, but there is no rule of how we perceive that minute. An hour to me may feel like two to you and the opposite, alike. We are spiritual beings and that is not to be taken as a religious factor; we live in our mind. We have a physical body, but we all have our own perception of the world inside our head; a perception only we, ourselves can understand. There is no way of proving that anyone sees the world in the same light as you.

We have created rules of life through personal perception and that, in my opinion, has caused many to feel incomplete. One guideline for an infinite amount of energy. Create your own. Know what you love, envision it and become it. The world is only dark if that is how you chose to view it. There is an endless amount of energy fueling our universe; use it to create the life you dream of living. Only you can find the aspects needed to create fulfillment in your life; no one can tell you what is missing.

Emotion is a large contributing factor to your perception of the world. Picture this, our mind is a scale with emotions being the weights. On one side goes the negative emotions and the other the positive. Now with a perfectly balanced scale, our mind is equal; We perceive the world from a neutral standpoint. When tipped to the negative, everything in our lives is perceived from a negative standpoint, like a grey cloud fogging our sight. Now when tipped to the positive, everything feels a little brighter. You need to find the right balance for you. No one is the same, what is perfect for me may not be perfect for you. 

Take control of your emotions and your energy; Find a balance in life so the universe can bring you to your destination.

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