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Autism Awareness - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables May Cause Autism

Links found between chemicals in the autistic brain and vegetation.

photo by pexalbay

Links found between chemicals in the autistic brain and vegetation.

Autism Awareness - Fresh Fruits And Vegetables May Cause Autism

Over the past decade autism awareness has became a hot topic. Many people have jumped on this bandwagon or that bandwagon as to what can or cannot cause autism. You have those following medical science claiming vaccines do not cause autism. While, on the other hand you have several parents siding with the idea that they can. Just because medical science says there is no link, doesn't mean there isn't one right? Well, today new information is being presented to show a new possible link. Not to vaccines, but to fresh fruits and vegetables. The following article will cover these new studies, and compare them to the results of the all knowing Wakefield study.

Aren't fresh fruits and vegetables healthy for you? Well, that's just what big produce wants you to think. Recent studies at Toronto’s Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital link DHA and EPA, which are natural amino acids found in green vegetables, to agitating neuroatypical disorders. During a 6-month study preformed on 12 children with autism spectrum disorder, they found that introducing EPA into their diet caused aggression, disruptiveness, and hyperactivity. Twelve children, the exact same amount as the Wakefield, to represent the entire demographic of neuroatypical people.

Not only is there the worry of high amounts of DHA and EPA affecting those with autism spectrum disorder. Several studies have now linked another chemical that may cause autism. At least 24 children with brains that contain glutamate have tested positive for autism spectrum disorder. That is double the amount of the Wakefield study! Glutamate is a chemical that occurs naturally in most fruits and vegetables. Some of the highest amounts being found in red fruits like tomatoes, and green vegetables such as broccoli. This link has been established, the brain of someone with autism spectrum disorder does in fact contain glutamate. And just like the Wakefield study all of the candidates for these studies showed signs of being on the autism spectrum.

Another fact about fresh fruits and vegetables, they contain dihydrogen monoxide. Not only is this chemical in every fresh fruit and vegetable. It has also been discovered in the brain of someone with autism spectrum disorder. Not only has it been discovered in their brain, but in fact their entire bodies. Yet medical science says there is no link to autism. Well, those who have gone through the awakening process know better. Just like with vaccines, medical science says there is no proven link. No proven link doesn't mean there isn't a link, right?

If you have made it this far into the article, and are thinking this is ridiculous, good, you are in the right mindset and correct. The thing is, all of the information provided is absolute fact. There was a study done on 12 children in Toronto linking EPA and DHA to altering the behavior of neuroatypical children. Glutamate and dihydrogen monoxide are in fact found in the brains, and bodies of people with autism spectrum disorder. They are actually found in all brains and all bodies. Glutamate is a chemical the brain naturally produces. Dihydrogen monoxide is simply an alternative name for water.

Even though this article is a farce, the facts are true. It still has more realistic weight than the Wakefield study. Millions of people still believe this study, which has been proven to be fraudulent Andrew Wakefield altered records, targeted subjects with signs of autism already, and created fraudulent medical claims. You can find all of this information in the British Medical Journal. The article exposing all of this is titled “Secrets of the MMR scare: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed.” Wakefield was also a gastroenterologist, not a neurologist, not a psychologist. He was a doctor of the stomach, not someone considered qualified to be an autism specialist. Not only that, but due to his fraudulent report he was struck from the UK medical records. For us here in the States, that's the same thing as losing your license to practice medicine.

The whole purpose of this article is to simply make you think. Maybe you should examine your view points and values on things. The UK still pushes vaccines; now you may think that's because of big pharma. Really examine that though, healthcare in the UK is socialized. People aren't paying the doctors, they aren't paying for the medicine, or the vaccines. So why would they be pushing for it? Also vaccines that have been bad batches, or caused damaging side effects have been reported. The public has been alerted, such as the time a mutated polio vaccine could cause paralysis. If you are willing to believe reports from someone who openly falsified documents. And are not willing to believe medical reports from a country where big pharma doesn't really exist. Maybe you should really examine yourself and your belief system.

I write this because individuals choose to believe a dis-proven study over cold hard facts. As an adult individual with autism spectrum disorder, I find it offensive even. I take offense that people would rather risk their children's lives or general health. Not just their health but the health of other children or the elderly. The last case of diagnosed polio in the US was in the late 70s. Think about people's age ranges; polio is always contagious, there is no cure for it. People with polio are still alive and in the public today. I know, my older cousin is one of those diagnosed in the 70s. He received treatment early enough he is still able to work. So he does, as a janitor at a public school. This means that children who have not been vaccinated for polio could still catch it from him.

Look at the bigger picture, not just small facts. Measles are now making a comeback due to non-vaccination. As of September 2017 31, 215 cases have been diagnosed world wide. Over 18,000 of those cases are in Europe, where vaccines are free in many countries. Measles have even  been found here in New York and Minnesota. Polio has been found in the middle; recently seven new cases were diagnosed. Diphtheria, rubella, mumps, and whooping cough are also on the rise again with roughly 12,000 cases world wide. These are all conditions that are preventable by vaccination. If you choose not to vaccinate for minor things like the flu, cold, or even pneumonia, more power to you, I often skip my flu shot. When it comes to major epidemic level, life threatening diseases though, what do you think is really worse? Having the chance of a child developing autism, which is genetic supposedly even though our perfect genes couldn't contain that! Or is it better to have a child riddled with a disease that will cause constant pain and an early death more than likely?

Think about that, really think about all of this. Ask yourself that last question over and over. Thank you for reading this long rant and piss take. Even if it didn't hit home, or was offensive to you. It has got you thinking, and that is the point. We as a people in general forget to think. Thank you for your time, and I hope you will check out more of my articles as they are published. 

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Autism Awareness - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables May Cause Autism
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