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Six Ways to Better Connect with Yourself
2 years ago
I just published a book on reconnecting with yourself (you can find the link to purchase it at the bottom of this article) that is meant to help readers find themselves again once they’ve gone off the...
Pamper Yourself with These Tips
2 years ago
You may not realize it, but a good pampering can go a long way. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, and a little self-care is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s always a good thing. One night of ...
Why Being Positive Is Much Better than Being Negative
2 years ago
I am currently on a mission to repeal the negativity I have let back into my life (it’s pretty much all gone, but sometimes something sneaks back in to remind me). I’ve used the Law of Attraction and ...
How To Create a Sacred Garden in Your Backyard
2 years ago
I learned a great deal about altars when I decided that Paganism was the path for me at the age of 13. These days I consider myself simply a spiritual person, instead of putting religious labels on my...
Four Tips For Removing Someone Else’s Negativity From Your Mind And Home
2 years ago
There are many ways in which someone else’s negativity can affect your life. Some negative people simply radiate their awfulness all over everything they come into contact with. Some of them purposely...
Are You Addicted To Stuff?
2 years ago
This isn’t the first article I have ever written on minimalism or hoarding, and it probably won’t be the last (I wrote many of them when I was a steady writer for Yahoo Contributor Network). However, ...