Yvonne Glasgow

Writer/Editor.IndieAuthor.Poet.Artist.Crafter. Holistic Life Coach PhD, Spiritual Counseling DD, Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. Owner glassgoatpublishing.com & supportgrandrapids.com (Literary Journal). YvonneGlasgow.com.

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Spring into Better Health with Essential Oils
6 months ago
I have been using essential oils and alternative medicine for decades now since I was a child. My grandmother, and then my mother (from time to time), used a lot of “home remedies” for what ailed us w...
Two Books to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul
7 months ago
This is going to be a little bit of a self-promotional message, just to let you know right from the beginning. That’s because one of the two books I am going to suggest you purchase and read is one of...
Weight Loss 101: What Are You Doing Wrong?
8 months ago
To lose weight, you need to do more than one thing. Weight loss means creating an overall healthy environment for your body. Sure, you might drop a few pounds by changing your diet, but you’ll quickly...
How To Find Some Peace and Calm During the Holidays
10 months ago
The holidays are a hectic time. Not only is there stress over getting your house cleaned and decorated, but you might be the one cooking all the food and hosting the family (even the annoying members)...
5 Ways to Use Meditation for Your Health
10 months ago
Meditation, especially when used on a regular basis, can make some drastic changes in your life. From helping you be happier and calmer to actually increasing your health, you’d be amazed at all of th...
Seven Things That Will Help You Build a Healthier Mind
10 months ago
A healthy mind is about more than just having a good memory. While a sudden loss of memory could be a sign of something major, we all start to lose some of our memory as we age. Having a healthy mind ...