Vanessa Fitzgerald

Health coach, natural food devotee, yogi, and overall wellness wizard. Learning to put the right foods in her body changed her life.

The Mane Event
3 years ago
We all want it thicker, fuller, longer or all of the above. As we age, each strand seems to become more precious than the last as we watch our luscious locks shed. There are a wide variety of reasons ...
The Unknown Heartburn Heroes
3 years ago
I’m a firm believer that you should never leave home without your common sense, except when it comes to a few health myths. For instance, let’s take a look at the popular treatments for heartburn; als...
The Scoop on Poop
3 years ago
Whether you are dropping the kids off at the pool, in a meeting, pinching one out, or praying to the porcelain Gods; the renowned Japanese author, Taro Gomi, said it best: everyone poops. A quality BM...