Tony Burt

A foodie - bodybuilder, nutritionist. 

Making a healthy lifestyle just a little simpler. 

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How Resting Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster
a year ago
It's Sunday morning. On top of working all week, you've been gymming and running for all six days. But you get up anyway, despite the voice in your head telling you to go back to bed, the monsoon outs...
Less Really Is More
a year ago
You finally made the executive decision of setting yourself a goal and choosing a way to get there. This could be anything: Lose weight, gain muscle, get your fitness up, the list goes on. Then you sp...
Fat Loss Is Not Complicated
a year ago
ADHERENCE. Adherence is the single most overlooked tool in weight loss (or any goal for that matter). One day of bad eating will not make you fat, just like eating healthy for one day will not make yo...