Sarah Sparks

Witchcraft poet, neurotic sex symbol, over-educated sadist, and generally only dangerous to herself and a few unfortunate bedmates. Found haunting the halls of academia, frequenting shady establishments and eating candy at home in bed.

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Troll Free
2 years ago
I opened my inbox and there it was. The one thing that can really ruin my day, the anonymous fat hate troll: "Do you fat women even realize how fucking ugly you are? I mean I almost vommitted [sic] lo...
Jiggling for Justice
2 years ago
There is not a piece of me anywhere on my body that does not jiggle. I am not a hard body; I am a soft body. Nothing on me "juts" or "cuts"; it is all round and curvy, I do not have hard angles. You c...
Mirror, Mirror
2 years ago
I have a mission for you; a little exercise in self-confidence you might call it. Most women spend a significant portion of their day looking in a mirror and assessing themselves. Usually negatively. ...
Living with Depression and Anxiety
2 years ago
I suffer from several mental health conditions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, disordered eating, and neurotic issues. Over the last several years, I fell into a black hole of depression ...
Don't Touch Me
2 years ago
I do not like being touched, especially by strangers. I don't like strangers trying to hug me. I'm not even keen on handshakes. I hate it when you are on the bus and the thigh of the person next to yo...
Dear Tummy;
2 years ago
I wish we had a better relationship. I have been trying since I was a teenager to feel better about you but our negative relationship still haunts me every single day. I have tried everything to hide ...