Sarah Phillips

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I’m a digital native, building a content portfolio. I'm interested in writing digital content on a variety of topics.

You’ll find me at [email protected]

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A Month with an Acupressure Mat
a year ago
My gorgeous purple Yogi-Bear mat* arrived today. It was a cheeky present to myself for my latest birthday (lucky for me I also got some other lovely treats from other people too). A sign of getting ol...
Why Is Losing Weight Getting Harder for Me?!
a year ago
*Let me start this off by reminding you I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist. This is just a collection of my thoughts and experiences mixed with a little bit of science.* Recently, I lost some weight....
What Is a Macro and Why Do I Care?
2 years ago
Whether you're watching your weight or trying to bulk up with muscle, you've probably hit the internet looking for help, suggestions, and information at least once. If your search has been anything li...