Samantha Reid

I have been a creative writer for over 10 years, an academic for 7 years, and a blogger for 3 years. Writing is my passion and it's what I love.

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Living With Scars
a year ago
I have an easier time trusting someone who has scars than someone who has unblemished skin. I'm not sure what it is, but scars tell the stories of where you've been in life. And if you've gone through...
The Crisis of Canadian Healthcare (Pt. 4)
2 years ago
Alright, so here is a scenario to think about. You don't have a family doctor. Whatever the reason for this, it doesn't matter because you just don't have one. So that's the first strike against you. ...
The Crisis of Canadian Healthcare (Pt. 3)
2 years ago
So we've covered the waitlists and the wait times. We've covered the scarcity of family doctors and the strangeness of having specialists without them. But there is a phenomenon that occurs as a resul...
The Crisis of Canadian Healthcare (Pt. 2)
2 years ago
Alright, after touching on waitlists and wait times in the last segment I wanted to address a specific aspect of this. There is a strange phenomenon in the Canadian healthcare system when it comes to ...
The Crisis of Canadian Healthcare (Pt. 1)
2 years ago
Everyone is always going on and on about how lovely and wonderful and perfect the Canadian healthcare system is. However, most of the people who speak about our healthcare system have not really exper...