Samantha Bentley

Music Maker, Yoga teacher + learner, Plant Eater and Dog mama. Penthouse Pet Aug 2015. South/East London born and bred.

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Exercise Trends You Need to Try If You Love Yoga
a month ago
Calling all my fellow yogis! I LOVE yoga, don’t you? It’s so diverse. There are so many variations, so many new things to try! When I first started yoga (almost a decade ago) it wasn’t so wide spread ...
Why It Is So Important to Listen to the Warning Signs When Training
4 months ago
Two weeks ago, I tore my hamstring tendon right at the top where the tendon attaches to the bone. I have injured myself before—I hurt my left hamstring at a pole show in Oslo last year, but I push thr...
Yogis of Instagram: Your Guide on Who to Follow
5 months ago
Instagram has become a mecca for yogis and yoga admirers over the past year or so. With huge companies dishing out large pay checks to Yoga teachers and traveling yogis so that they will wear their cl...
Tough Mudder Tips!
6 months ago
It may not seem like it here in the UK, what with the below freezing temperatures and thick snow fall, but Spring is upon us and that means Tough Mudder season is nearly here! Last year I was booked b...
Aerial Fitness Will Be Your New Obsession
7 months ago
At a young age, my mother used to take me to showcases on the Southbank and around London. She worked with the London arts council and ran her own carnivals within schools, taught dance, marked arts a...
Benefits of a Vegan Diet
8 months ago
I’ve gone back and forth with myself about whether to write this or not, when I was given the subject I was excited. But I very quickly reclined and have been putting it off for over a month now. The ...