Rachel Roberts

A freelance writer from Coventry, England. 

Loves meditation, Sunday afternoon's reading and walking her two whippets in the woods.

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How to Chart Weight Loss
9 months ago
When you're on a slimming journey, seeing the results of your hard work can be very motivating and rewarding, especially during the tougher times. Being able to see a bigger picture when you've had a ...
How to Survive a Weight Loss Plateau
9 months ago
If you follow any weight loss plan, there will come a point (usually more than one if you are on a significant journey) when your weight will suddenly, and inexplicably, stop going down no matter what...
Mindfulness and Meditation
9 months ago
Mindfulness and meditation are hot topics these days and both are given a lot of press for helping people survive the stresses of modern living. If you hear the two terms but don’t fully understand wh...
Calorie Counting vs Intuitive Eating
9 months ago
You may know you want to lose a few pounds, but picking a weight-loss method when there is so much conflicting advice, programs and pseudo-science out there is no easy feat. If we ignore the fad diets...