Peter Thwaites

I am a Polio survivor from the early 1950's and at that time was given a second chance with life. I have and will always continue to value this wonderful opportunity.

Come Smile With Me - Episode 6
10 months ago
During the late 1980's I was working as a free-lance building surveyor which enabled me to base my working day around my children and allow me the opportunity to generate sufficient income for the ann...
Come Smile With Me - Episode 5
10 months ago
When I left Stanmore almost six years ago I promised myself that I would do everything that was available to me as life is so very precious. Many polio victims that I have met, and will meet in the fu...
Come Smile With Me - Episode 4
10 months ago
My homecoming is a cauldron of emotions. I am happy, sad, tearful, frightened, worried, and excited all at the same time. The butterflies in my stomach have decided to escape through my throat, and my...
Come Smile With Me - Episode 3
10 months ago
Although we all loved our house, we very soon started to grow out of it, and we are transferred to a bigger house nearer to the centre of town. My school is a fair distance from home so I travel by bi...
Come Smile With Me—Episode 2
10 months ago
I am a big six now and progressing very well, considering the doctors’ prognosis. I am still having physiotherapy, mainly on my legs that don’t want to work too well. I wear a sort of brace during the...
Come Smile With Me—Episode 1
10 months ago
Let the adventure begin.