Peter Rose

Collections of "my" vocal essays with additions, are available as printed books ASIN 197680615 and 1980878536   also some fictional works and some e books available at Amazon;-


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Will Our All Connected Multimedia Make Us Ill?
a year ago
Will our all connected, all instantaneous, multimedia capacity make us ill? I see a great deal of media stuff about loneliness and the problems of loneliness but nothing about the detrimental effects ...
Health Care for the Elderly; How Reliable Are the Statistics?
a year ago
Health care for the elderly, looking at the statistics. Definition of elderly is people over the age of 65, I am one of these. Government policy, all around the world, is based on statistical informat...
Age Discrimination in Health Care
a year ago
Age Discrimination in the English NHS: The government claims to be against all forms of discrimination; even relatively tiny groupings have power, yet the government itself, in the form of the NHS, is...
Self Healing
2 years ago
Self Healing: Can we heal ourselves? All health care needs to follow the cycle of: recognition, diagnosis, deciding treatment, application of treatment, recovery, and finally, convalescence. This cycl...
Shiatsu: What Is It?
2 years ago
What is SHIATSU? First what it is not! It is not a small hairy animal that barks! It is not an ancient eastern philosophy! What is it then? It is a type of natural therapy that brings great benefit to...
Understanding Intuition Will Help Your Life
2 years ago
As a practitioner of natural therapies for about 30 years I have heard the word “intuition” spoken many times. When I was managing a very large natural medicines clinic I would get phone calls from pe...