Pat Cooper

Pat Cooper is a communication student at SNHU. In his spare time, he enjoys copywriting and journalism work. 

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Easy Morning Workouts You Can Do at Home
a year ago
It's never easy to get out of bed in the morning. However, to some people, it's the best time to work out, since you tend to have less energy after a busy day at the office. Hopping out of bed and wor...
Five Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Work
2 years ago
Getting into shape and eating healthy is hard enough, but what do you do when it comes to your workplace? Sure there isn’t a salad bar or an exercise room to indulge your fitness envy. However, even t...
How to Food Shop Healthily
2 years ago
Making healthy choices while food shopping isn't the easiest thing to do. Many companies turn a profit by lying to their consumers and putting attractive labels on their products, such as organic or l...
How to Cut Back on Caffeine
2 years ago
Even though experts say consuming some caffeine is okay, most adults have a hard time with moderation. Recent studies done at Arizona State University has shown that if you experience anxiety, shakine...