Pat Cooper

Pat Cooper is a health and fitness writer, certified by the American Council on Exercise as both a personal trainer and health coach. 

Five Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Work
2 months ago
Getting into shape and eating healthy is hard enough, but what do you do when it comes to your workplace? Sure there isn’t a salad bar or an exercise room to indulge your fitness envy. However, even t...
How to Food Shop Healthily
2 months ago
Making healthy choices while food shopping isn't the easiest thing to do. Many companies turn a profit by lying to their consumers and putting attractive labels on their products, such as organic or l...
How to Cut Back on Caffeine
3 months ago
Even though experts say consuming some caffeine is okay, most adults have a hard time with moderation. Recent studies done at Arizona State University has shown that if you experience anxiety, shakine...