Nathaniel Corns

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A 21 year old trans man stumbling his way through life. Recent English Literature and Film Studies graduate. Pagan, activist, bisexual. 

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10 Positive Things I Noticed After I Stopped Smoking
3 months ago
If you want my honest opinion, I could not recommend quitting enough. I have seen so many benefits that made me wish I had quit sooner. I have been smoke free since January 1, 2018, and I feel so much...
The Power of Rose Quartz
3 months ago
Rose Quartz is widely regarded as the ultimate love crystal; it attracts love to the beholder, encourages them to be loving to others, and encourages self-love. Let us start with the basics. Physicall...
"All Women Experience Dysphoria"
2 years ago
To begin with I have to deliver you a very unfriendly, ugly, in-your-face reminder that the LGBTQ+ community is not an accepting place when you are anything other than homosexual. If you're bisexual y...