Natasha Sydor

Vocal's Head of Branded Partnerships, Production, and Sales. Managing Partner at Jerrick Media. I <3 travel, music, sci-fi, triathlons, & Netflix.

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Mind + Body = Autumn Holley
2 years ago
Autumn Holley is a top fitness instructor in New York City. In a town filled with beautiful people who are always on the go, she stands out in every way. She's modeled for designers including Valentin...
Interview with Stefani Sober, Croatian Model and Actress
2 years ago
Croatian beauty Stefani Sober makes high fashion look flawless and effortless. In 2015, she made the leap from international print model to worldwide recognized actress. In Stefani's new film, Till Hu...
Fitness Photographer Ludwig Araujo
2 years ago
Ludwig Araujo is a fitness, fashion, and wedding photographer in the NYC area. His unique expertise in capturing human movement has set him apart from other photographers in his field. As a fitness ph...