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The Inner Smile Meditation
2 days ago
I’m often told that I have a friendly and gentle appearance. I suppose I can see what others mean by that, as I always make it a point to smile at anybody who crosses my line of sight while I’m out an...
Your Hyperactivity Is Not Weird
6 days ago
I find it really depressing that a person nowadays can’t be energetic, enthusiastic, and childlike by nature without others accusing them of either being high or just a plain fruitcake. What’s unusual...
Why Can’t We Sleep When We’re Supposed To?
11 days ago
Those heat waves never seem to lose their fizzle, am I right? They make me, and I’m sure many of you, feel absolutely exhausted during the day. Needless to say, I’m not exactly super simpatico with hu...
Why Do We Commit Trivial Things to Memory?
a month ago
When we embark on important undertakings such as schoolwork and career endeavours, we often find the load to be overwhelming. With all the memorizing, studying, practicing, building, crafting, and per...
Himalayan Salt Lamps for the Body and Mind
a month ago
People often complain that they have trouble sleeping at night, and even claim that they feel tense with every waking moment that they spend in the house. Chances are, the air quality in their homes i...