Michelle Frank

I'm a mom of 6, grandma to 2 and a wife of 16 yrs and counting. I have been to hell and back several times and have survived it each time thanks in large part to my husband. When I write, I do so from the heart and from personal experience.

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Exercise Challenge (Pt. 10)
10 days ago
During this stretch of days, you will notice that there was almost a week of no exercise. This was due to coming down sick with the cold bug that has been running rampant in my area. For me, it starte...
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 9)
a month ago
Instead of posting a weeks worth of daily updates, I stretched it out a little bit this time by doing 15 days worth. My exercises have become pretty consistent, however, I will be trying to switch the...
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 8)
a month ago
Another week of exercise has come and gone and other than frequently suffering from shortness of breath, I feel great!! There have been a lot of illnesses going around my hometown and I am trying my b...
Exercise Challenge (Pt. 7)
2 months ago
The first month of my challenge is over and I feel great!! This is the first time in my life that I have purposefully exercised for a month straight. Sure, I take a day off each week but I still move ...
Exercise Challenge (Part 6)
2 months ago
When I began this journey, I did so with the hope that I would stick with it and not give up. So far, this is true. I have not yet set a starting weight loss goal, mostly because I never reach my goal...
Exercise Challenge (Part 5)
2 months ago
This week I decided to switch things up a bit with my exercise routine. I am beginning to get bored with doing the same exercises, so I tried doing a few things I am not supposed to do. Let me explain...