Max Fisher

Max is a disability and trans rights activist from Nottingham. They openly identify as non-binary, and work within their students' union to promote the rights of transgender students. They also suffer with AS and chronic pain conditions. 

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'If Vaccines Work, Why Is My Unvaccinated Child a Risk to You?' And Other Questions About Vaccines ANSWERED
2 months ago
With Kat Von D announcing to the world that she refuses to vaccinate her future child, there has been lots of hype about the anti-vaxx movement. It's time to stop the misinformation in its tracks. Sit...
Lady Gaga on Chronic Pain: 'I Don’t Know What I’d Do If I Didn’t Have the Money to Get Someone to Help Me'
10 months ago
Five Foot Two, the documentary that follows the life of Lady Gaga as she delves into her life of music, passion, love, family, performance, and chronic pain. Vanity Fair described it as a “powerful, thrilling portal into Lady Gaga’s life.” I definitely agree, it was a riveting and thought-provoking watch. Beyond the fame and notoriety, her honest and candid portrayal of life with chronic pain was more than just relatable, it was like looking in a mirror. Unlike many of us warriors though, she ex...
What Happened When My Invisible Illness Stopped Being So Invisible
a year ago
When I was born, my mother looked down at me, her perfect little angel. 10 fingers, 10 toes. A little late, but otherwise perfectly healthy. I did all the normal things babies did. I cried when I shou...