Marshall Stevenson

Causes of Tinnitus and Ways to Treat It
a month ago
When people say they have a hearing problem, you might assume they mean they’re losing their hearing. But many people have another type of hearing problem that involves hearing persistent non-existent...
The Relationship Between the FDA and the Supplement Industry
2 months ago
In 1993, the New York Times reported that the Food and Drug Administration proposed regulations be set forth to guide or control the vitamin and supplement industry. At that time, the market for suppl...
Plastic Surgery Myths and Misconceptions: What to Know
2 months ago
People undergo plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. They may want to adjust some of the effects of aging, improve their appearance after an accident, or simply make a change to feel their best. U...
What Benefits Do Essential Oils Have?
2 months ago
Everyone is raving about essential oils and there’s a good reason why. Essential oils have amazing benefits. Each oil has their own unique quality that helps for specific ailments. People are using es...
What Is CoolSculpting?
2 months ago
There are many different ways to alter your body if you are unhappy with your appearance, from plastic surgery to the masterful application of makeup. If you are nervous about invasive surgical proced...
What to Look for When Choosing an Eye Doctor
2 months ago
If your vision is starting to grow fuzzy or you recently moved away from your old doctor, it’s time to see an eye doctor. Finding the right eye doctor can be tricky, especially since there are several...