Marlene Affeld

“A passionate writer for more than 30 years, Marlene Affeld’s passion for the environment inspires her to write informative articles to assist others in living a green lifestyle.”

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Herbal Healing – Natural’s Remedy For Winter Cracked, Dry Skin
2 years ago
Herbal ointments, crafted with care from organically cultivated garden herbs and wild harvested herbaceous plants known for their healing properties and medicinal benefits, are inexpensive and easy to...
Tired And Sluggish? Go Pro!
2 years ago
Today it seems you can’t pick up a magazine or watch a television commercial without being inundated with advertisements touting the health benefits of probiotics. If you have digestive tract problems...
A Shock Absorber For Your Joints
2 years ago
SAM-e supplement (S-Adenosyl methionine), pronounced as “Sammy”, is a synthetic form of a naturally-occurring amino acid derived from an essential sulfur-containing amino acid known as methionine, an ...