Maddie Goody

Aspiring French Teacher. Passion in Teaching and Travel, but I write what's in my heart.

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The Low-Carb Diet
3 months ago
I'll have to admit, I've tried quite a few diets in my teen and young adult years. My body is very responsive to food and because of that, my weight can fluctuate quite a lot. I'm only five feet tall,...
5 Healthy Practices You Can Start Today
3 months ago
Having trouble getting started on being healthy? Do you keep pushing it off until the next day, or next week? Do you not have the time or energy to work on getting fit? Tired of feeling hungry all the...
I Started Yoga
6 months ago
Let me just say I've started off my 2019 off right in a lot of ways. One of them is starting off on my eating healthy habits on the right foot, and also starting my fitness training. Unfortunately, I ...