Mackenzie Lu

Namaste. Active yogi and life enthusiast. It has become her mission to spread the benefits of having the mind, body, and soul in tune with one another.

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Insight Timer: Your App to Peace
2 years ago
What does it take to make Time magazine's list of the 50 best apps of the year? Does it take a multi-billion dollar name, or a special dating service? Not always. If you're looking at Insight Timer, t...
Habits to Keep You Healthy and Balanced
2 years ago
Many of us have a difficult time balancing all of the responsibilities of life. We are pulled in several different directions and expected to be successful in every venture. The pressure that comes al...
Yoga Poses for Better Sleep
2 years ago
If you are tired of the noxious tentacles of chronic insomnia and the daily disruptive stress, it is time for you to incorporate a few yoga poses for better sleep into your pre-slumber ritual. Often, ...
What Is Floating Therapy?
2 years ago
Floating therapy, sometimes referred to as sensory deprivation, is a developing method of stress relief and relaxation used by thousands that is rapidly gaining popularity. It occurs in a floatation t...
Best Yoga Poses For Runners
2 years ago
Yoga poses for runners go beyond incorporating a healthy stretch regimen prior to an intense run. Traditionally, yoga is formatted to focus on regulated breathing patterns. As a result, it affects the...
Yoga Poses to Manage Migraines
2 years ago
More often than not, our first instinct when we get hit with a headache is to down some Advil and water, but there’s an easier solution. Yoga. While physical activity while you have a headache may sou...