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10 Fitness Myths Debunked
7 months ago
What you are getting into: an eight minute read that will hopefully change your views and help you overcome these myths!
Art of Explosion
8 months ago
What you are getting into: a 5-minute, 827 word article about the anatomy and training of being explosive. In summary, if you want to be quick, you need to train quickly.
Vacation and Weight Management
a year ago
I recently went on vacation with my family and I managed to not gain a single pound. Sure, if I went to the Olympic training center, this would not be much of a feat; however, we went to Michigan. Add...
Children and Weights
a year ago
Coffee and weight training will stunt your growth; these are two fallacies that have lived long past their due. Now the former was created to keep kids away from caffeine, because let’s be honest, the...
a year ago
It seems unlikely that one of the very few things we were able to do at birth, we do wrong. Breathing. How hard can it be? By now you have probably taken notice to your own breath. By now you have DEF...
5 Easy Changes for a Healthier Life
a year ago
Sit down at any local Starbucks and chances are you'll hear someone talking about how they want to be more fit or giving advice on the topic. Meanwhile, they are chugging away their fourth Double Choc...