Lisa Palmer

Fitness Instructor and Administrative Assistant student for the City of Ottawa and Business Willis College; status Cree originally from Attawapiskat seeking Sixties Scoop settlement.

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Preparing Yourself!
a year ago
Preparing Yourself: The Flu and Cold The cold winter months are here, and everyone is getting a cold or a nasty flu. It is especially bad for students rushing around here and there, sitting at the com...
I'm Walking
a year ago
My story: For over a year, I walked every day for a couple of hours. No, I did not do that out of the bottom of my heart. I did it for a job delivering flyers and it was mandatory if I wanted money in...
Want to Relax?
a year ago
You had one of the worst days in a long time. The boss was on your back for an overdue deadline that was not your fault. You spilled coffee on your favorite white blouse. Your beloved stood you up on ...