Letizia De Luca

Stay foolish stay hungry! Based in Melbourne but Italian born. I decided to jump into the unknown landing with my self into Oz land! Travel lover, good company, good wine, good food....and all the possible good people along the way:)

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If We Listen to Our Body, It Will Tell Us the Unexpected
2 months ago
As strange as it may sound when something terrible happens, or whatever rejection we get, that small little crack inside our body 'hurts' in that place that we didn't even realise we had. And I am not...
The New Liquid Gold
4 months ago
Hasn't been too long since I last wrote about a miraculous mushroom. But, if we take a quick look back at the Ancient Greek period, one of the most influential figures, Hippocrates quotes is, "Let thy...
Ganoderma Lucidum
5 months ago
It's a special type of mushroom with various beneficial properties is still almost unknown. It does not grow easily and must be cultivated in a specific biological habitat near China where even today ...