Kylie Jane

Not your typical Hippie. Training is my passion. Improving my Health, Happiness, and Life! Online Yoga Coach. Inspiring others❤ 

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Netflix and Stretch!
6 months ago
Nobody is alone in enjoying some Netflix in the evenings! I personally love popping on a suspenseful series to wind down before bed. It’s been a tradition for everyone to zone out with all sorts of on...
Why I Changed My Eating Habits
9 months ago
Our day-to-day habits and actions affect who we are. We can’t control everything, but there are things we can. The kind of lifestyle we live is based on our habits and choices we make. Situations may ...
A Diet That Works
9 months ago
Are you looking to lose weight? Maybe you’ve been working out, but haven’t perfected your diet yet? You may be reading this because, like me, you suffer from an autoimmune disorder and need guidance. ...