Kim Stetz

Kim Stetz founded Savasana Station, a mindful yoga studio in NYC. On her way to becoming a psychotherapist, Kim finds time to check out under explored parts of her brain/mind/body learning bass guitar and cooking. 

A Conversation With Buddhist Insights Co-Founders, Bhante Suddhāso & Giovanna Maselli
3 years ago
Going out to Rockaway Beach has been on my mind for a while now ever since I heard about Buddhist Insights' new retreat center. I meditate daily and I also happen to help people see their minds by tea...
Party Girl to Yogini: The Truth About Being a Yoga Teacher
3 years ago
Life is full of transformations. Five years ago, Yogi Kim Stetz wrote about her transformation from Party Girl to Yogini. Today, at 48 she owns her own yoga studio, Savasana Station in the East Villag...
How to Stay Human
3 years ago
I am not alone in total confusion with the prospect of our President-elect moving into the White House. In waking up November 9th after a few hours sleep, I was grateful I wasn't alone in befuddlement...