Kezia Flaherty

Family orientedย fun loving nature people musicย & animal lover. I am a photographer, writer, cook, artist, and love to create! I aspire to travel the world & be a philanthropist. World Peace is the Mission


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The Benefits of Meditating Stressed
8 months ago
These days stress affects more than 70 percent of the entire population. It's an unhealthy and energy draining aspect of adulthood. Imagine all that tension and stress building up and held up inside a...
Fighting the Cold Season
2 years ago
It's that time of the year again! Flu and cold season, where the sick days add up like the tissues on your nightstand. Some may wonder what more to do about it other than get flu shots, granted that t...
The Cons of Smoking Cigarettes for Smokers
2 years ago
Smoking cigarettes not only smells bad, but it is just as bad for you. The smell that lingers causing secondhand smoke that they banned from bars and restaurants is something to avoid. Ever wondered j...
A Low Calorie Count Myth
2 years ago
Trying to lose weight or cut your calorie intake but nothing is working? Keep decreasing how many calories you eat every day but you still bloat and feel less energy? Replacing some of your meals with...