Kevin Gardner

Get More Out of Your Workouts
3 days ago
How to make your workouts more effective
Improving Your Health, Improving Your Life
3 days ago
Your physical wellbeing affects your overall happiness
Go Beyond Fitness to Lose Weight
9 days ago
"You can't outrun a bad diet." That is one of many sayings that has become a mantra in response to questions on how to lose weight, and yet many people continue to struggle with finding a way to lose ...
Staying Fit At Any Age
11 days ago
Many people of all ages can have a hard time becoming fit, and then maintaining their fitness. However, it goes without saying, fitness can be achieved at any age. It is never really too soon or too l...
Easy Tricks to a Healthier, More Natural Lifestyle
25 days ago
If you are like most Americans, it can be hard to put the time into eating healthy, and making it to the gym regularly. The average choices for food are not really healthy portions, and tend to be loa...
Why I Switched My Workout Routine
a month ago
Often, every day feels like the same thing over and over again. There’s rarely any difference and rarely any change. That is one of the things that making working out so hard as well. I want to feel l...