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10 Proven Benefits of Myrrh Oil
a year ago
There are a ton of proven health benefits of myrrh oil, from cold relief to your next best spa night product. You name it, this oil will heal it. Due to its antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, stim...
Best Essential Oils for Congestion
a year ago
Essential oils have incredible benefits, eliminating cold and flu symptoms being one. We've all been there, feeling as if you are going to live the entire winter with a stuffy nose and tissues filling...
Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps That Actually Work
a year ago
Essential oils have been used as a natural remedy for pain for centuries. So why wouldn't they work for some of the most painful, relentless conditions such as menstrual cramps? From lavender to eucal...
10 Bulletproof Coffee Recipes to Try
a year ago
From almond cappuccinos to more healthy options, these recipes are sure to satisfy anyone's taste buds. Easy to make, and some of the best ways to change your coffee for a bit of a twist, you won't re...
Best Essential Oils for Sinus Infections
a year ago
Sinus infections can come out of nowhere, caused by anything from a deviated septum to a common cold. With symptoms such as headaches, congestions, stuffy noses, and facial pain, you'll do anything al...
How to Make Bulletproof Coffee with Coconut Oil
2 years ago
Though it might be a bit intimidating and maybe even unappetizing to those who haven't given it a shot, bulletproof coffee with coconut oil is the ultimate drink for an energized day. With a great cre...