Katie Hall

Hi! I am a high school English teacher with a passion for reading and writing! I hope you enjoy my articles!

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Type One Diabetes Is a Major Challenge
9 days ago
On April 19, I will celebrate my 14-year diaversary. Not many people know what a diaversary is—it’s a “diabetic anniversary”—since only about nine percent of Americans have diabetes. I am one of those...
9 months ago
Emily was cold. She always was. No matter what, the hospital rooms were always frigid. The thin, coarse blanket provided by the hospital was never enough to keep her tiny body from shaking and her mot...
How to "Reset" with Type One Diabetes
a year ago
I have had type one diabetes for more than twelve years now. Anyone who has type one diabetes knows how difficult it can be to be “on” 24/7, to have to continually check your blood sugar and make deci...