Justin-James Gignac

Hello there! I am a nursing student with a major passion for literature, language, and writing. I can speak French and English while learning Spanish and Italian. I write fiction, mindfulness, health, science, and the beauty of being human

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Mindfulness and Meditation
8 months ago
Interest in mindfulness meditation, yoga, and related practices have skyrocketed throughout the Western world. Although meditation has been documented to have its origins in the Indian Vedas (1500 BCE...
10 months ago
Every day is a new chapter full of characters, challenges, curiosity, and adventure. But as we write this book, the pencil gets smaller and smaller. Some of us create with longer utensils, while some ...
The Greatest Privilege
a year ago
We live in a universe where our greatest privilege is life itself, death the inescapable reality governed by space and time. But humans are a death-denying species, constantly forgetting the renewal t...
a year ago
Expectations... We all have them. They're those ideas that float around our mind before being sewn into the soil of our conscious selves. They grow as weeds from this mental earth, strangling our gard...