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Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet.  Always honest and often vulgar.  I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey.  From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

At Home Treatments for Common Skin Problems
a day ago
When it comes to appearances, we try everything we can to look our best. From hair and skin to our nails and body, we are constantly looking for the next life-changing treatment to cure our common ski...
How To Heal Burns
7 days ago
Burns are scary, plain and simple. They happen fast and cause immediate pain. It is also an injury that needs to be treated immediately, yet so many people are clueless when it comes to soothing the d...
Natural Alternatives to Shampoo
14 days ago
For me, washing my face before bed has always and will always be one of my most tedious beauty to-dos; however washing my hair is a very close second. This isn't because I don't like to shower, becaus...
Best Apps to Help You Sleep Better
22 days ago
Some people will do anything to sleep, myself included. From natural remedies and oils to meditation and medication, there are hundreds of options promising sleep but delivering very little. So, it on...
30 Things I'm Still Doing In My 30's
2 months ago
If you were to ask me as a teenager what I would be doing at the fine age of 34, I am pretty sure my current situation wouldn't be it. Not that I don't love my life now, because I do, I really do, but...
Top Slang of '17
2 months ago
Whenever I imagine an older person trying to be cool I envision someone saying "yo yo yo" while they flail and cross their arms like a rapper from the 80's. Except instead of looking like a cool ass h...