John "Seu Juon" Carr

My name is John, but i go by Seu, Juon or John. "What's in a name?"

[Bio will be completed later]

Ch. 4 Can It Be Found In Nature? (NTCHR MNDD Free Book)
2 years ago
OTC drugs, weight loss pills, cheese, cured meats, milk. . .none of these things can be found in nature. Most of the things we believe to be true are really just taught behaviors. These learned behavi...
Ch. 3 Eating Habits (NTCHR MNDD Free Book)
2 years ago
There are two ways to stop eating omnivorously—either cold turkey or by weaning off. I struggled for years, slipping and sliding with diets. Until I looked up and saw what I'd been doing to myself, an...
Ch.2 Breakfast (NTCHR MNDD Free Book)
2 years ago
Having a healthy breakfast isn’t just about what you’re having for breakfast, but rather what time you ate dinner and eat breakfast. One of the most important things that people neglect in healthy liv...
1. As Above So Below
2 years ago
It wasn't me that changed my eating habits, it was my body. When I was 16-years-old, after suffering from many symptoms of multiple sclerosis, I was officially diagnosed as having such. Before I was d...