James Porterson

Former obese teen turned nutritionist. Enjoys writing about staying active and proper nutrition.

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Probiotic Foods You Need in Your Diet
3 years ago
Do you know all the probiotic foods you need in your diet? Normally the idea of bacteria makes people uncomfortable. We have all of these soaps, wipes, and disinfectants we can stash in our purses and...
Healthiest Superfoods
3 years ago
Who doesn’t want to wake up happy and healthy with a bright mind every morning? You can easily accomplish this by incorporating some of the healthiest superfoods in your daily diet. If you’re wonderin...
Family Stress Impacts Your Health
3 years ago
Every family has its share of fights, which can be good since holding back and suppressing negative feelings can make you sick. But if family squabbles go unresolved and become prolonged conflicts, th...
Wellness Leaders You Need to Watch
3 years ago
It can be a challenge to keep up with what’s next in the world of health and wellness. At any time, there seems to be about 1,000 hot ideas that can help you be the best version of yourself. From tack...
Best Vegetarian Cookbooks
3 years ago
People who love vegetables indirectly prefer high protein food for themselves. A diet high in protein provides a great collection of amino acids that further act as the building blocks of the cells. A...
Best Vegan Blogs to Follow
3 years ago
Join us on a journey to find the best vegan blogs to follow to truly live the life of a vegan. These blogs will teach everything you need to know about living an animal friendly vegan lifestyle. When ...