Jade Pulman

Beauty Sleep: More Important Than You Think
14 days ago
There are many reasons why sleep is important.
5 Easy Ways to Get Healthier this Summer
a month ago
During the summer, you want to be in your peak physical condition. This is the time to shine in the sun, and show off your swimsuit body. There are some pretty easy ways to get healthier this summer w...
Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements That Are Actually Beneficial
2 months ago
Due to research on the role of the microbiota, there has been increased interest in health supplements, especially probiotics, and to a lesser extent prebiotics. Traditionally, probiotics are defined ...
Natural Ways to Help Your Sick Kids
2 months ago
When your child begins coughing or developing a fever, your natural reaction might be to go to the doctor. However, most common childhood illnesses can be treated with natural remedies from home.