Izzy Erlich

Upstate New Yorker, who loves to travel to Colorado and Vancouver. Certified Yoga instructor.

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Winter Detox Time
3 years ago
It's that time of year again. The season of dry cool air, too much time indoors and indulging in a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. Soon you may be seeing some expansion of your own around the waistl...
What Is Wisdom?
3 years ago
When very young laboratory rats are exposed to highly stimulating environment they become brighter, healthier and more active. Moreover, their brains actually weigh more and contain many more cells th...
What is Hatha Yoga? 
3 years ago
While exercise fads sweep the country yearly, encouraging intelligent people to do the strangest things, there is one exercise system that has maintained an enthusiastic following for over 6,000 years...
Uninhibited Animal Yoga Poses
3 years ago
Thousands of years ago yoga practitioners would observe they way animals stretched – uninhibited, free of social convention.The more flexible the body, the more flexible mind, according to ancient yog...