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Indigo Soul was born in New York and prides herself on her ability to connect to everyone deeply, often unintentionally. As a Master Life Coach, writing is a passion that leads her to the share and connect with people around the world.
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The Importance of the 7 Chakras in Your Body
12 days ago
What is a chakra? Chakra (known and pronounced as “cha”-“kra”) is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally translates to mean wheel, circle or energy center. The chakra system we know today originated ...
Step by Step Guide To Balance Your 7 Chakras
3 months ago
It has been known throughout the Centuries that the 7 chakras govern our body and are the center of our healing. The energetic centers in your body give life force energy to the surrounding organs and...
Major Health Benefits of Daily Energy Cleansing
3 months ago
Have you ever felt so drained that all you wanted to make it all better was solitude and tons of sleep? When this occurs, we tend to push our loved ones away. Sitting at home with the phone off the ho...
Key Benefits to Detox Your Mind and Create Balance
3 months ago
Did you know that you can improve your life by detoxing the mind as well as the body? There are numerous factors that alter and shift our perspectives that are completely out of our control. So many o...
Smart Effective Strategies to Cleanse Negative Energy
3 months ago
You're sitting at home or work and all of sudden you end up with a massive headache, not knowing why. It becomes so intense that you are in dire need of some Tylenol to help stop the relentless pain p...
A Complete Guide to Prepare and Commit to Getting Fit!
5 months ago
"What is very difficult at first, if we keep on trying, gradually becomes easier."- Helen Keller Did you ever think that you could get fit with no gym requirement? Whether you want to learn how to cha...