Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee is the founder of Native Strength, a Native American path to emotional strength and enlightenment based on a centuries-old inter-tribal system.


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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?
a year ago
The Southeast Bully is the part of our inner self that acts as a bully to our own soul. This bully uses dependency, attachment, judgment, comparison, expectation, self-importance, and the wounded chil...
The Image Makers
a year ago
Before we are born, we deliberate with the highest potential of our self, the Chuluamadahey, or the Keepers of our Book of Life. This is represented in the number 18 on what is known as the Children's...
Guilt, Blame, and Shame
a year ago
Guilt, blame, and shame have only one genuine purpose and that is to lead us to better choices. They should not be used as weapons in the lives of other adults. We need to use these tools in positive ...
Aliens, Pot, Native Americans, and Mental Health
a year ago
What the hell do aliens have to do with pot, Native Americans, and mental health? Quite a bit, actually! Many tribes across the Americas have legends of aliens, or Star People, bringing cannabis to th...
Little Jumping Mouse
a year ago
There once was a mouse. He was a good little mouse. He kept his nose close to the ground like all good mice should. He spent his days collecting and storing grain for his people. One thing bothered hi...
The Wheel of Life
a year ago
The wheel of life is a wonderful tool for self-discovery. It can be used during the Flowering Tree exercise but it stands alone as a way to gain a better understanding of our life. The positive and ne...