George Gott

Writer & Social Media Editor for Jerrickmedia who is an avid reader of sci-fi and a fierce defender of women, minority, and LGBTQ rights.

Weightlifting Myths for Women
3 years ago
Within the bodybuilding culture, falsehoods and misinformation exist for both sexes, but there are some weightlifting myths for women specifically. Should women lift? Will they be seen as masculine? I...
How to Balance Your Chakras
3 years ago
According to the different traditions and practices there are thousands of chakras, the energetic vortices that receive, assimilate and radiate life energies. The widely known are the seven major chak...
Surprising Facts About Your Brain
3 years ago
The most complex thing known to man is not the universe, it is between your ears. The approximately three pound supercomputer, the human brain, inside your skull simultaneously processes facts and fac...
Best Exercises for Your Brain
3 years ago
Most people are probably familiar with how to exercise your body effectively but are you aware of exercises for your brain? Often a little overlooked, your brain also benefits greatly from certain for...
Reasons to Run in the Morning
3 years ago
We all know just how comfortable and enveloping your bed can be in the morning. It’s the most tempting thing in the world to say “just 5 more minutes” until you have to run faster than Usain Bolt to c...
Mind-blowing Facts About Life You Never Knew
3 years ago
Have you ever stopped to think about the details of life we take for granted in our everyday lives? Probably not. Most people never really know why our world is the way it is. They just think it’s tha...