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Started writing in 2009, after getting made redundant from my job. Now it is a hobby, something I can enjoy and play about with.

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Meditation Course—Week 4 of 5
6 days ago
The Purpose The idea is that our body is always in a certain state of vibration that can vary, altering our state of mind, which has an affect on our mood or state of being. There are many application...
Meditation Course—Week 3 of 5
11 days ago
Tai Chi is a slow moving exercise based around martial arts and is a meditation in itself. It can take a long time to learn to get the movements just right but it is rewarding and fun with a lot of he...
Meditation Course—Week 2 of 5
17 days ago
Week 2—Buddhist Meditation
Meditation Course-Week 1 of 5
25 days ago
Many people meditate for many different reasons, mine was to help with migraines, which I suffered with for over forty years—and eventually I was able to stop them altogether, and come off my medicati...