Gabriella Grace

My main passion is parenting my Inner Child in a nurturing, loving way. Supporting others as they learn to love and accept themselves through self-parenting has been the priceless gift that has come out of that and is now my life's purpose.

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Here and Now
10 months ago
Our brain is essentially the central processor of a system that works in wondrous ways that most of us have no comprehension of at all. Symbolically, we are not that different to a computer and our br...
2 years ago
I used to think all kinds of things about faith but I confused faith with my own judgments around religion and what I told myself religion was telling me. Now Faith is my bedrock, my best grounding to...
How Can Rest Be a Threat?
2 years ago
After living in a super-heightened state of fight/flight/freeze for over four decades, I had to accept and acknowledge that resting was perceived as an internal threat to my brain and was as sure to a...