Emily Histamine Intolerance

Histermine intolerant, makeup artist and food junkie.

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Life's an Itch
9 months ago
Before being diagnosed with HIT, I suffered horrendously with itchy skin that had no rash. It felt like a million fire ants crawling under my skin. The rash would only appear when I was on holiday. I ...
My HIT Weight Loss
9 months ago
This photo is of me in July before diagnosed, September a week after being diagnosed and March before my holiday! One of my symptoms of HIT was unexplained weight issues. I would always be a stone hea...
An Introduction to HIT
9 months ago
Do you have unexplained anxiety? Do you often suffer from cramps and sore muscles? Do you sometimes get red cheeks when you drink alcohol? Have you suffered from constant fatigue? If so, you may have ...