Duch DeLuca

Wifey, Mommy, Student, Renaissance Woman... I wake each morning with the mindset to be the best me I can be each & every day, so I can make dreams reality & pave new pathways! 

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Heart, Health & Life from the Happy Wife
8 months ago
Let there be no lies, I am ABSOLUTELY winging this. With that said, be sure that I know how to do two things very well, which are writing and dieting. I am half black, and as such, if you know anythin...
From 270 lbs to 175 lbs
8 months ago
First a bit about me. I am a wife, a mother, a student, a sister, a writer but most of all, I am ME! Now it is my hope that many of you enjoy this entry, and it is okay for those of you who do not. In...