Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

When Time Marches On
a year ago
Ask anyone when they reach a certain age if they are more fearful or less adventurous? My guess is that the older one gets the more apprehensive and fearful with each passing year we seem to be. When ...
The Way Things Used To Be
2 years ago
One cannot help wonder by looking at the events that are occurring around the world today that maybe we would all wish things were back the way they used to be. Long before the Internet and smart phon...
Dinner At Eight
2 years ago
For some time now almost all of the food that we buy in grocery stores has been altered is some way or another. In other words, genetically altered or as they say GMO is the term used today. I for one...
Cancer Cured
2 years ago
Cancer is a most malignant scourge. But, it is the research to find a cure that continues in fleecing the American public out of billions of dollars every year. For no apparent reason other than greed...
The Cell Phone Controversy
2 years ago
Ever since the advent of the cell phone many believe that cancer in its many forms increases with each new user. Now, the medical community as well as International Association For Research On Cancer ...
Global Famine
2 years ago
The full extent of global hunger in the world today. The world is facing one of it's greatest challenges. Global Famine is going to be a reality. Some parts of the world are already facing acute food ...