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Divine Dynasty  is a certified PTSD Life Coach who specializes in supporting individuals in finding mental balance. She connects with people around the world by sharing with you her writing passion while elevating human consciousness!
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14 Amazing Natural Herbs to Attract Wealth and Prosperity!
3 days ago
Herbs and roots of all kinds have been used for centuries to draw money to a person or bring prosperity to a home. Did you know that herbs can do so much more than just add flavor to foods and improve...
Foolproof Tips to Create An Inexpensive Home Yoga Space
25 days ago
How would you like to create an affordable home yoga space and treat yourself to a beautiful at-home sanctuary? When it comes to a yoga studio idea, design, decor, color scheme, and furnishings all ar...
Secrets of Tantric Yoga for Intimacy, Healing, and Sexual Fulfillment
2 months ago
Did you know that Tantra teaches us to tap into all our senses, so we can transform even the simplest act like tasting chocolate into a divine experience? Often times most people associate Tantra with...
11 Menstrual Cramp Home Remedies for Natural Relief
10 months ago
As women, we all know it, dread it, and are sometimes even thankful that we get our monthly period. But let's face it, menstrual cramps can be a real pain for any woman at any age. It really doesn't d...
Top 3 Crystals to Protect Your Space From Negative Energy
10 months ago
Crystals are a simple, yet effective way to protect your space while transforming the energy and mood of your bedroom. Making sure that the energy is properly tuned in your bedroom is of significance....
The Scientific Facts of Mindfulness Meditation That Will Improve Your Life
a year ago
Stress reduction is one of the highest most common reasons that people learn meditation. Mental, emotional and physical stress causes increased levels of the stress hormone we know as cortisol. Known ...